Reliability, partnership, success

Excellent reputation as a reliable partner, more than 6 years of fruitful cooperation and more than 40 successfully executed contracts since 2015
  • Supply of detergents with hygiene products
  • Supply of humanitarian kits: children and adults
  • Supply of water filters

Cooperation with UN

Ukrainian group of companies West-East Group
is in close cooperation with the UN. Today, more than 40 successful contracts, total amount of which is about $ 4 million have been implemented, and a number of new projects have been launched. Such success was achieved in 6 years of diligent work in the international market.

Today we actively conduct UN tenders, collect materials, purchase and deliver. We invite investors and businessmen who want to take part in large-scale innovative projects in cooperation with West-East Group.

Our projects with the UN:

  • Supply of detergents and hygiene products.
  • Supply of humanitarian kits: children and adults.
  • Supply of water filters and much more.

Our goal is the development and well-being of the country! This goal can be achieved All this can be achieved by common efforts and close cooperation with the UN system.

We are open to discuss all the details of cooperation. Our company is focused on working with international environmentally oriented organizations, grant programs for innovation and ecology, investment organizations and companies interested in implementing the latest technologies in Ukraine and abroad.

Our company is open for cooperation and establishing of mutually beneficial partnership.

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