Black Belt of the Earth

The total length of the road surface in the world is more than 60 million kilometers. Fortunately, not all of these roads are still paved with asphalt, some remain unpaved and do not harm the environment. According to such calculations, the total length of the roads can be represented as a multilayer wall about 10 meters wide and over 600 meters high, covering the equatorial circumference like a black belt. If we talk about bitumen, the harm to health and the environment is obvious here.

In fact, there are many alternatives to harmful bitumen, which are already actively used in the world. This mainly includes the use of concrete and sulfur for road construction. Thus, Nano-asphalt® (sulfur asphalt) based on sulfur concrete was created. The benefits of nano-asphalt are not only environmental, but also of high quality and economic benefits. The Ukrainian group of companies West-East Group managed to renew the 50-year-old technology to modernize it for a more progressive production of a gray binder. And it was on its basis that Nano-asphalt® (sulfur asphalt) was obtained.

Today, when the harm of bitumen is obvious, humanity simply needs a worthy alternative, which can be nano-asphalt. It can provide reliable transportation with easy repairs and the ability to reuse material after recycling. Nano-asphalt® (sulfur asphalt) does not emit harmful substances, while bitumen vapors are directly harmful to health and the atmosphere. The new material is resistant to all weather and climatic conditions, does not melt when heated by the sun’s rays, and has good adhesion of car wheels to the surface, which ensures safe driving in bad weather.

Of course, in an era when the harm of asphalt to humans is becoming critical, the main properties of Nano-asphalt® (sulfur asphalt) are considered its environmental friendliness. This is an excellent option for the arrangement of urban roads, small settlements and on-farm roads.

The main problem for the production of Nano-concrete® (sulfur concrete) in our country, and throughout the world, is the lack of special equipment required for production. Therefore, the West-East Group is simultaneously working on the development of such equipment and entire complexes (Nano-Liner®) in the form of mobile factories for the production of environmentally friendly road surfaces.

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