Environmental hazard of black roads

The specific smell of black asphalt is especially noticeable in hot weather. It is like a hot wave of air with a characteristic aroma. The more the sun is hot, the more perceptible this pungent smell becomes. This is the smell of carcinogenic asphalt fumes, which, in combination with other road aromas (exhaust, gasoline, tire rubber), create an unpleasant heavy amber, which does not allow drivers to even open the window a little and enjoy the fresh wind. Pedestrians walking along the road can also smell an unpleasant odor.

Previously, it was believed that the cause of the specific smell is car exhaust. However, researchers at Yale University were able to answer the question of why the smell of asphalt is felt from afar in a different way. It’s the asphalt that is to blame. This was found out in the course of a series of complex experiments, where it was necessary not only to warm up the road surface to high temperatures, but also to simulate the effect on it sun rays. It was possible to prove that the ecology of asphalt is very low, it exudes harmful substances that are comparable in harm to car exhaust. A similar effect occurs when heating bitumen roofs. Unfortunately, this problem is relevant not only in summer, because in cold weather the coating heats up significantly under the wheels of cars when driving.

The problem of automobile emissions is being actively solved all over the world. Special eco-standards, refusal from gasoline and diesel engines, control over the level of CO – all this gradually mitigates the negative impact of the roads. However, now there is also a need for an alternative to asphalt, which is no less harmful.

Solving the problem in Ukraine

In fact, new eco-friendly asphalt technologies are already being used for road construction in the United States. About half a century ago, developments were proposed for the production of materials for the construction of concrete roads and asphalt gray-concrete pavement.

Today, one of the most environmentally friendly road surface technologies is the development of Ukrainian engineers. They presented a methodology for the production of sustainable materials such as sulfur concrete (Nano-concrete) and sulfur-asphalt (Nano-asphalt). In their opinion, the new material is able not only to protect the environment, but also to reduce the cost of repairing and laying roads.In addition, the used coating can be reused after preliminary processing.

More details in the description of the project “EcoNanoBud”

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