Everything you need to know about sulfur concrete

Sulfur concrete combines contradictory components: a modern composite with a structural frame made of inert fillers, as well as a binder made of modified technical sulfur. This material has recently attracted the attention of scientists and engineers, since it can provide an environmentally friendly surface for roads, the construction of durable residential and industrial facilities.

The composition of sulfur concrete includes sulfur, which has excellent thermoplastic properties and gives concrete composites a number of useful characteristics and advantages. The main ones are:

  • High strength.
  • Good thermal insulation.
  • Resistant to acids, salts, oils.
  • Low electrical and thermal permeability.
  • Hydrophobicity.
  • Frost resistance.
  • Wear resistance and durability.

A mixture of sulfur concrete also hardens at very low temperatures. Also attracted by the ease of use and low cost of all fillers.

If we talk about the construction of road surfaces, the environmental properties of sulfur concrete make us think about its use as an alternative to bituminous asphalt. Also, in comparison with the latter, sulfur asphalt is quite economical; it can be reused after recycling. Waste-free production and the absence of harmful fumes make the material the best choice for the construction of urban roads. Also in the production process, industrial waste is used (sulfur residues in smelting units, sulfur ore dressing waste, sedimentation tanks, filters of chemical industries, etc.). The material can significantly improve the state of the ecology of Ukraine and the planet as a whole.

Due to the characteristics of sulfur concrete, it is possible to significantly improve the quality of roads, because, due to the composite structure, it significantly surpasses the traditional cement mortar in terms of water permeability, density, porosity.

The West-East Group is actively engaged in the development and promotion of innovative technology for the production of sulfur concrete in Ukraine. The organization is open to cooperation on the modernization of existing asphalt plants for the latest nano-liners for the production of environmentally friendly and economically viable material – nano-asphalt based on sulfur concrete.

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