Sulfur: complex effect

Today Ukraine is on the brink of a man-made disaster. Deforestation, pollution of water bodies, accumulation of garbage and its disorganized processing – all this is extremely harmful to the ecology of our country and the planet as a whole. Also, a special place in the technogenic problem is occupied by industrial waste, namely technical sulfur. The Ukrainian group of companies West-East Group has invented a technology for the production of asphalt using sulfur, which makes it possible to use sulfur-containing industrial waste for the benefit of civilization. This is how an innovative material appeared – Nano-concrete® (sulfur concrete).

As a result of the hard work of specialists, the technology for the production of modern Nano-concrete® (sulfur concrete) and Nano-asphalt® (sulfur-asphalt) was patented. Its main secret lies in the method of obtaining a mixture of a modified sulfur binder. This was achieved by changing the sulfur modification process in the laboratory.

Modern nano asphalt based on sulfur concrete has a number of positive qualities. Most importantly, it is environmentally friendly and thermoplastic, so it can be used after recycling. Nano-asphalt is not afraid of heating (sun rays, friction against the wheels of a car), therefore it does not evaporate harmful substances into the atmosphere. Based on this, sulfur is much safer for road surfaces than bitumen, which is part of asphalt.

Separately, the high quality of sulfur concrete roads, the cost-effectiveness of laying, repairing, as well as the possibility of installation at any time of the year are noted, which cannot be said about asphalt concrete pavements, which are laid strictly according to the technology in dry weather and at freezing temperatures.

Also, the use of sulfur in road construction makes them safer, since the components that make up the material give it the properties of increased hydrophobicity. This allows water to be repelled from the surface, reducing slip and extending road life.

From the foregoing, it can be concluded that the use of sulfur for nano asphalt as an additive has made it possible to create an innovative material of a new generation. The main function assigned to such a coating is to preserve the environment.

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