Sulfur concrete: where is it needed and why

The new material sulfur concrete, the production of which is being actively established in Ukraine, has become one of the most relevant developments for solving the problems of road ecology. Also, this material allows you to optimize financial costs for further maintenance of concrete products, structures, roads.

Sulfur in the composition of concrete products acts as a thermoplastic. In the process of manufacturing sulfur concrete, we obtain a composite material based on inert fillers. These fillers serve as a structural framework. The binder for them is sulfur with modifying additives.

Sulfur concrete – advantages for structures:

  • High quality and durability of construction projects.
  • Excellent thermal insulation properties.
  • Resistant to chemical attack.
  • Wear resistance.
  • Increased frost resistance and water resistance.
  • Low thermal and electrical conductivity.

All these qualities make the use of sulfur concrete in construction efficient and economical. Curing of mixtures occurs at low temperatures, therefore, the structure gains strength already during cooling.

An important property of using sulfur concrete is the possibility of reusing the material after recycling. At the same time, the quality of the material does not decrease, but the economic benefit increases.

According to the research results, sulfur composites are several times superior to cement mortars in terms of porosity and water resistance. This means that the use of sulfur concrete in road construction makes it possible to obtain more wear-resistant and reliable roads than analogs made on cement binders.

Today Nano-concrete® (sulfur concrete) is actively used for the construction of industrial and residential buildings, this is especially in demand for those facilities where frost resistance, water resistance, and resistance to aggressive environments are important.

However, the issue of using Nano-concrete® (sulfur concrete) and Nano-asphalt® (sulfur-asphalt) for road construction remains relevant today. After all, the technology also involves the processing of technical sulfur. According to scientists and engineers, sulfur Nano-concrete® (sulfur concrete) will provide an opportunity to solve the environmental problems of urban highways.

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