About the Company

                     The West-East Group of Companies was established in 2005 and unites companies of research and production, design, engineering, construction, consulting, investment, logistics and wholesale trade.

                      In the first years of its operation, the company was focused on providing consulting and logistics services. Subsequently, the company became the founder of the monthly analytical information magazine “Transport and Logistics”, as well as an active member of the Ukrainian League of Logistics and Warehousing.

                      We have been trusted by such our clients – companies-leaders of Ukrainian business as Comfy, supermarket chains ATB, Furshet and others

                    Since 2015, the company has been actively cooperating with the United Nations, the International Organization for Migration in Ukraine, in the implementation of humanitarian programs for IDPs (internally displaced persons). Subsequently, the company underwent a rebranding procedure and was renamed West-East Consulting LLC and headed the West-East Group.

The West-East Group includes the following companies:

West-East Consulting LLC: scientific and technical developments, investment activities;

KLC-1 LLC: wholesale trade, cooperation with UN units in Ukraine (IOM, UNICEF, UNDP, UNOPS, UNHCR);

KLC-2 LLC: logistics services. Formation and delivery of products for UN units: goods for counteracting COVID-19, hygienic kits, household and hygienic goods;

Agroproduct LLC: agricultural sector – growing ecologically clean food products;

SPE “Protective coatings” LLC: fire-retardant materials;

UKRTEKHNOVOGNEZAKHIST LLC: wholesale, repair and construction works.

 West-East Group has implemented more than 30 contracts with the United Nations totaling about $ 4 million.

  Since 2015, West-East Consulting LLC has changed the direction of activity to the project implementation of innovative technologies and deals with the development of polymer construction and road construction materials of the new generation. The company has a number of world-class developments (patents, technical specifications, …) sulfuric asphalt concrete, sulfuric concrete, extremely durable composite materials.

             A special pride of West-East Group is the development of environmentally friendly materials and zero emission technologies.

            We are focused on working with international environmental organizations, grant programs for innovation and ecology, investment organizations and companies interested in the latest technologies.

             The vector of work of the West-East Group is sustainable development.