Production of eco-friendly polymer
construction materials of new generation
with the use of industrial waste
Nano Liner - Plant of eco-friendly sulfur-polymer building materials of new generation with the use of industrial waste: Nano-binder™, Nano-asphalt™ and Nano-concrete™.

Hi-tech response to changes in the economy caused by Europe Green Deal Concept and corresponds to the basic components of Sustainable Development Concept.

Main aspects:

Qualitative characteristics of products are 2-3 times higher compared to analogues

Reduction of bitumen costs in road construction up to 60%

Complete replacement of cement in concrete and products

Reduction of budget expenditures of all levels for construction and repair by 25-35%

100% recyclable (reusable)

Unique feature

Our products are modern eco-friendly polymer building materials of new generation from sulfur polymers.
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Energy consumption in materials production is 25% less than that of competitors

Availability of research laboratory equipment Nano Liner Lab - which allows to obtain lines of new sulfur polymers with specified properties made of different types of waste with specified properties

Technology allows to use a wide range of industrial waste located directly near the plant

Increased manufacturability of paving when using Nano-asphalt™ and Nano-concrete™

Technology is based on our know-how - an ultrasonic module for nano-binder production

Tasks solved by project


Promotes the utilization of industrial waste - sulfur, slag in the production of construction materials and pavement

Social and economic

Creation of new jobs, modern production facilities. Saving funds of state and local budgets

Infrastructure development

Construction of world-class infrastructure objects

World market

Demand for ecofriendly construction materials is growing after accepting of Euro Green Deal Concept
  • 1

    World market

    4.1 billion tons of cement
    1.6 billion tons of asphalt concrete

  • 2

    Our products

    Nano-binder™ (sulfur binder)
    Nano-concrete™ (sulfur concrete)
    Nano-asphalt™ (sulfur asphalt concrete)

  • 3

    Our goal

    1% of the market for 7 years
    approximately $ 500,000,000



7 Patents

Certificates and specifications

3 Certificates of conformity


Memoranda of cooperation with scientific institutions, construction companies, etc.

Letters of interest

Letters of interest from Ukrainian and foreign companies

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We prepared a detailed presentation of our company for you, where you can learn about the technical peculiarities of our products, goals and specialties


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Innovative technologies of construction materials (Nano-concrete and Nano-asphalt)

West-East Group of Companies introduced an innovative technology for processing of industrial waste into modern new generation polymer materials from sulfur polymers (Nano-concrete™ (sulfur concrete) and Nano-asphalt™ (sulfur asphalt)). According to scientists, Nano-concrete in modern road construction can significantly improve the environmental situation in the country.

This development became the result of changes in Ukraine’s economy caused by the impact of Europe Green Deal Concept. The use of quality materials for the road surface corresponds to the basic components of the sustainable development concept.

Over the last 100 years, many industrial wastes with sulfur content accumulated in our industrial state. After the proclamation of Ukraine’s independence, all this waste was transferred to the balance sheets of enterprises for further disposal. Due to the lack of necessary equipment and other resources, disposal was not carried out properly, so waste continues to accumulate and its amount is constantly growing.

The innovative EcoNanoBuild project has become an effective response to today’s environmental, construction and economic challenges. It allows the creation of new construction materials and technologies in the field of building and road construction on the basis of hazardous sulfur waste. These projects allow not only to improve the Eco friendliness of roads, but also to save the budget allocated for construction. Thus, an innovative construction material technology called Nano-concrete and Nano-asphalt emerged.

According to the developments, the use of Nano-asphalt in road construction can be a great alternative to harmful bitumen-based asphalt. It is also characterized by high strength, hydrophobicity, thermoplasticity, frost resistance and more.

Nano-Liner Lab plans to launch new technologies in the production of construction materials at mobile asphalt concrete plants

Success of West-East Group of Companies:

  • 7 patents.
  • 3 Certificate of Conformity.
  • State sanitary-epidemiological examination.
  • Nano-Liner Lab – research laboratory equipment for the production of test samples of new formulations.

The use of Nano-concrete™ (sulfur concrete) and Nano-asphalt™ (sulfur asphalt) as a finishing material for road construction can be a new step towards improving the environmental situation in Ukraine and our planet.

Ukraine, Kyiv,
Obolonska naberezhna st. 15, section 1, ap. 11

Phone: +38 067 533 49 09